Autumn is here – time to get cosy

I’ve been having a little break from blogging for a while, for a number of reasons, so it seems fitting that I should pick things up again in the Autumn, particularly on the day the clocks go back!

Time to get cosy

Autumn is here – time to get cosy

I have so many tea adventures, local events and vintage finds to share, it will keep me busy for some time!

I will also be introducing some guest bloggers and contributors over the coming weeks and months, sharing their love of vintage, tea, home decoration, fashion and beauty.

New guest contributor – Gordon Harpur of
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Gordon Harpur of, an online treasure trove of vintage and antique furniture and homewares. Vintiqa was set up as a fuss-free alternative to ebay and Gumtree for vintage, design and antique lovers. The fabulous finds are from all up and down the country and curated personally by the team, as well as them handling the logistics, such as delivery, for you. Definitely people after my own heart!

Vintage finds of the week
Gordon will be selecting his top picks to share on Tea with Rachael and I hope you will enjoy browsing and finding your own vintage treasures on Vintiqa. My personal favourite find this week is this stunning marble topped antique bedside table. A rather grand addition to any bedroom, and it provides plenty of storage, which is always a must for me!

Or how about a rustic Danish farmhouse rocking chair, which I think would be perfect draped with cosy blankets and snuggled with some cushions on a chilly autumnal evening?

Danish Rocking Chair

A lovely, rustic Danish rocking chair on Vintiqa

That’s exactly what I’m going to do right now – curl up in a cosy chair with my favourite cushions and fluffy blankets – and a cup of tea, naturally!

Until next time, stay cosy and enjoy the cold autumn days and nights in style, with a good cuppa. I’ll be back to catch up soon.

Rachael xx

Time for a cosy cup of tea

Time for a cosy Autumn cuppa

Well hello, Stranger!

Do Not Disturb sign

I’ve been away for a while

Well, I have been away from for a long time – so sorry about that! But it’s with very good reason – I have had a number of important happenings this year, including big events like moving house, which have meant I have sadly had to focus a lot of time on other things, however, I’m hopefully back for good now!

A year of change
An important and quite life-changing development has been to be diagnosed with a number of food intolerances – and it’s a pretty long list! Wheat, corn, all dairy, shellfish, most fish, carrots, lettuce, celery, garlic…the list goes on! This has all taken a lot of getting used to, so I have been using that time to experiment with alternatives to the foods that I would normally eat a lot of, finding appropriate substitutions for herbs and spices, for example. This has proved interesting and at times fun, although it is still very frustrating to have to eat such a limited diet. I will be sharing some of my new “free from…” recipes over the coming months and really hope they are helpful for others who are in a similar situation and have intolerances, too.

Even more changes…
I have also been diagnosed with a condition where my heart rate and blood pressure fluctuate when they shouldn’t, causing all manner of symptoms, and which also affects my diet – I now need lots of salt and fluid to keep my blood pressure up! As you can imagine, this has taken over my life somewhat of late!

IMG_3105Still enjoying my adventures in tea land!
I have still had some fab tea, food and fashion adventures in this time, though, and have a number of recipes, new teas and even some guest posts to share with you.

I do hope you can join me once again for a lovely cuppa, some food inspiration, and to share some adventures, too.

Until next time – very soon!

Rachael XX