Well hello, Stranger!

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I’ve been away for a while

Well, I have been away from TeawithRachael.co.uk for a long time – so sorry about that! But it’s with very good reason – I have had a number of important happenings¬†this year, including¬†big events like moving house, which have meant I have sadly had to focus a lot of time on other things, however, I’m hopefully back for good now!

A year of change
An important and quite life-changing development has been to be diagnosed with a number of food intolerances – and it’s a pretty long list! Wheat, corn, all dairy, shellfish, most fish, carrots, lettuce, celery, garlic…the list goes on! This has all taken a lot of getting used to, so I have been using that time to experiment with alternatives to the foods that I would normally eat a lot of, finding appropriate substitutions for herbs and spices, for example. This has proved interesting and at times fun, although it is still very frustrating to have to eat such a limited diet. I will be sharing some of my new “free from…” recipes over the coming months and really hope they are helpful for others who are in a similar situation and have intolerances, too.

Even more changes…
I have also been diagnosed with a condition where my heart rate and blood pressure fluctuate when they shouldn’t, causing all manner of symptoms, and which also affects my diet – I now need lots of salt and fluid to keep my blood pressure up! As you can imagine, this has taken over my life somewhat of late!

IMG_3105Still enjoying my adventures in tea land!
I have still had some fab tea, food and fashion adventures in this time, though, and have a number of recipes, new teas and even some guest posts to share with you.

I do hope you can join me once again for a lovely cuppa, some food inspiration, and to share some adventures, too.

Until next time – very soon!

Rachael XX