Time for a Real Tea Break

Welsh dresser full of tea pots and cupsNot enough time for a tea break?!

Well, things have been so busy so far this year, that I have been neglecting to take regular tea breaks!  I’ve moved house (and now have a big kitchen to experiment in and my own proper garden – bliss!  So expect some new recipes and sunshine-filled garden posts on the horizon!)

I also had a wisdom tooth taken out, which meant I have been taking it easy, was stuck with very soft food and feeling a bit yucky for quite a while, so haven’t been as adventurous as I would usually like to be on the food and drink front!  Although it did mean I consumed copious amounts of comfort food, like mashed potatoes and home-made gravy (And Yorkshire Puddings, once I was able to chew a little bit more!)

So I’ve been neglecting the poor Tea Break blog. 🙁
And like buses, you wait for ages and several come along at once!  There’s so much I want to write about at the moment – the many fun things to do in the beautiful Borough of Richmond, delightful new teas and tea-related activities that I’ve been trying out, and summer interior design – in the house and in the garden!

To try and fit everything in, I’ve been working on a new website for Tea With Rachael – watch this space for a tea time one-stop-shop with a mix of food, drink, fun, fashion, things to see and do and, of course, all things tea-related!

In the meantime, I have been trying some lovely new teas and exploring some fun things to see and do, particularly in and around Richmond and Twickenham.

English Garden's Special Reserve Assam TeaTime for tea

English Garden's Special Reserve Assam Tea - packagingYesterday, I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I made a pot of English Garden’s Special Reserve Assam.  I find that a good strong cup of black tea does wonders when you’re feeling a bit below par, and this certainly did the trick!  The comforting, malty smell from the moment I poured the water over the leaves was so comforting.  It brewed beautifully, leaving me with a rich, deep-flavoured cuppa – exactly what I needed!  I savoured every drop and was very impressed – exactly the kind of blend I like, as I’m a big fan of strong black tea blends and always turn to these as my default/favourites!  I am also looking forward to trying their Empire Earl Grey later this afternoon – will let you know what it’s like in my next feature, on my favourite Earl Grey blends.



Thought I’d give you a little preview of the next few posts, that should be on the new website very soon!

Coming soon…

  • Time for Tea – An afternoon with Earl Grey
  • Time for Tea – Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons, Canary Wharf
  • Out and About – Richmond Spring/Summer Special
  • Fit for Foodies – A gastronomic tour of Twickenham
  • Fit for Foodies – Foodies Festival 2013, Hampton Court
  • Kitchen Corner – Use by dates: recipes to make sure you use it all up!
  • Library Corner – Save the planet while catching up on your reading
  • Party Time! Fun party ideas for this summer

Until then, enjoy YOUR Bank Holiday tea break!

Rachael X