A very welcome health and taste boost from the Tetley Tea People

Tetley teases and pleases with dessert flavoured teas

The lovely Tetley Tea Folk sent me their latest range of special teas, intriguingly called Indulgence Flavour Blends, designed to replicate the flavours of your favourite sweet treats. It was ideal timing while I was “Dechoxing” for the British Heart Foundation! I was lucky enough to try the full range of expertly flavoured black teas and there really is something for everyone: Gingerbread, Cookies and Cream, Spiced Apple, and Choc Mint Chip!

Delicious Indulgence Teas from Tetley

Tetley’s delicious Indulgence Teas

My favourite will be no surprise – Gingerbread – it tastes exactly like real gingerbread and is the most satisfying “something sweet” to have after a meal or when you’re craving sugar. It’s not too sweet, though, which makes it perfect for me. the Cookies and Cream was alas a great biscuit or chocolate bar substitute, but be warned – it’s very sweet and tastes very creamy!

Indulgence Gingerbread blend

Indulgence Gingerbread Blend

More teas with a twist…Tetley Tea with Vitamin D

If you’re looking for something even healthier, you may remember I covered Tetley’s range of Superteas when they first launched last year. Now the range has expanded to include something for everyone, including a variety of green teas infused with additional health benefits. They even have a green tea blend with added Matcha, conveniently in teabag form for an on the go energy boost.Tetley Tea with Vitamin D

So I was delighted to try their new green tea with Vitamin D, delicately flavoured with citrus. It was very refreshing in the hot weather over the summer, and I enjoyed it with a slice of lemon. I take Vitamin D supplements to try to boost my immune system, so any help along the way is very much welcomed. I’m not usually a big fan of green tea, but do like green teas when they are gently flavoured, with a hint of jasmine or lemon, for example, so was pleasantly surprised when the citrus kick was not too strong made it a very tasty cuppa. My mum, who has been unwell recently, has also enjoyed them.

I would definitely recommend the Super Teas from Tetley. Reasonably priced, available at the supermarket, and with flavours and vitamin infused blends to suit all tastes and needs. I’ll also be recommending them to friends and family who enjoy green tea.

Next time, I’ll be talking more “Ts” and “Teas” with some favourites both old and new – T2, Tea Sanctuary, Tick Tock and Twinings. So many lovely teas, bound to make you feel better!

Hope to enjoy a cuppa with you again soon!

Rachael XX

The soothing effects of scent – saved by Sniffy Wiffy!

Feeling under the weather
Like many people at this time of year, I have been recovering from the dreaded lurgy – in my case, a nasty bout of sinusitis and bronchitis that left me feeling pretty wiped out. When you’re feeling below par, soothing scents, warming hot drinks, and a nice, hot, steamy bath are just what the doctor ordered!

So I have been trying out some new tea taste and smell sensations (more on that in my next post!) and treated myself to a bit of a pampering session. I have a number of favourite bath oils and foams, but my two ultimate favourites are Calm One, Calm All, by Soap & Glory, and good, old fashioned Badedas, which has an uplifting, nose clearing scent just right for when you’re finding it a bit tricky to breathe properly!

Time for a treat
I was sent some lovely, all natural, handmade products by the wonderful Sniffy Wiffy, an amazing company that genuinely makes each of their homemade, beautifully packaged products with love. The ingredients are natural, fresh, and made to order, so you are in for a real treat! As well as being both skin and environmentally friendly, the products raise awareness and money for some great causes, with innovative labelling highlighting the importance of early detection for breast and testicular cancer, with instructions for self-examination, as bath or shower time, or afterwards, are the best times to make these very important examinations, which are so often overlooked. The company also generously donates to related cancer charities with each product sold.

Clever packaging

Innovative packaging and labelling

I believe the lovely Sarah, who runs Sniffy Wiffy, has also been in the wars recently, with pneumonia, no less! Wishing her a speedy recovery and lots of get well wishes! Thank you for my yummy products!

Sniffy Wiffy packaging

Good enough to eat!

Which to choose?

I had real difficulty deciding which scents to choose for my body lotion, with so many of my favourite fragrances on offer, such as lavender, orange blossom, Cologne and gingerbread.
In the end, I was delighted with two comforting, feel-good products – an uplifting, refreshing, wake-you-up smelling orange blossom body lotion, and a heavenly, almost good enough to eat gingerbread hand cream. It smells like real gingerbread!

Soak your troubles away…
So, I ran a hot, fragrant bath and soaked away my aches and pains for a while. To refresh myself and help me feel better afterwards, I slathered on the delicious orange blossom body lotion. It smells divine, sinks in beautifully and moisturising effects really last. The scent gives you that little lift that you need when not feeling well, or as a healthier alternative to a morning caffeine fix! Needless to say, I felt so much better afterwards!

Mmm – gingerbread!
I found that the gingerbread hand cream made another suitable substitute for my morning gingerbread latte – it smells like warm, comforting gingerbread cookie dough and worked very well in beating my sugar cravings! One of my colleagues is a fellow gingerbread fanatic (regular readers may recall me waxing lyrical about my addiction to gingerbread lattes, scented candles and room sprays before!) and she was just as delighted as I was to try this unique hand cream. It now sits between our desks in the office, as a sweet-smelling treat to perk us up as the day goes on!

So, as well as raising vital awareness and funds for such important cancer charities, the products will make you feel good – physically, in the form of the delicious scents and formulations, and emotionally, by thinking of others and donating to a good cause.

I encourage you to try the different scents and products from the Sniffy Wiffy range – you will be completely spoiled for choice! They are all very reasonably priced, each product has no more than five ingredients, so you know it is good for your skin, and everything they stand for gives you the feel good factor!

Give ’em a sniff! – you won’t be disappointed!

Rachael X