Time for a very timely tea invention

The right time for a nice, strong cup of tea The lovely people at Twinings got in touch with me again recently about some rather exciting news and it could not have been better timing! In recent weeks I’ve been … Continue reading

Fun with festive teas

Time for a cosy, festive cuppa – part two! Tasty, festive teas from Tea Sparrow The lovely people at Tea Sparrow sent me a host of fabulous, festive teas from their holiday tea box selection. What a treat for tea … Continue reading

Comforts of the Season – The Gift of Tea

It’s almost time for festive tea! It’s officially December – the Christmas tree and decorations are up and it’s time for a cosy, comforting brew. Or two, or three – or even four… I’ve been tucked up at home with … Continue reading

Float like a dragonfly, enjoy a cup of tea!

A delightful evening of tea tasting and appreciation I recently attended what was arguably the best bloggers’ event in the whole time I’ve been writing Tea with Rachael! It’s taken a while to put together this post, as I really … Continue reading

Time for a bit of Honestea – how honest are Londoners?

I’m a Northern lass at heart, and have often wondered how the folk down South compare in terms of honesty and integrity. It’s often the source of many a joke, but it was interesting to see the differences just between … Continue reading